Monday, 18 November 2013

How to construct an Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchens are the undisputed heart of the home, where all and sundry gathers, mingles, and lingers during parties. But to achieve that kind of appeal outside means increasing your outdoor living space. To draw a crowd and keep those entertain require a bit more than plop down a table and a few plastic chairs.

With an outdoor kitchen you can get ready meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates, beverages, or tongs. Although you could spend tens of thousands of dollars for a custom outdoor kitchen, a basic island is a competent design that leaves out the difficulty of curves and angles. Not only that, with an island guests can relax on one side while you are cooking on the other, so you feel as though you're part of the gathering.

Since durability is such a critical issue for an outdoor kitchen, stone veneer is a low-maintenance option that won't need painting or sealing. Real stone is heavy, expensive, and requires the experience of a mason. Documentations cultured stone, such as the style used in this project from Landmark Stone, is easier to work with because it's lighter, cuts faster, and lasts just as long as the real thing all while looking as natural as real stone. More

Friday, 23 August 2013

Few Tips for an Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever found yourself running back and forth between cooking indoors and cooking outdoors on a warm afternoon? The best way to avert this from happening is to properly design your outdoor kitchen so that it can function like your indoor kitchen. 

Prevent needless trips inside by doing all the prep work ahead of time, and when it's time to cook, make sure you get all your basics together before you start it’s simple to forget about the paper towels or the trash can until you really need it.

If you are designing an outdoor kitchen or looking for ideas on how to advance your existing outdoor kitchen, follow these tips and you'll find yourself right in the middle of the party, even while you're cooking.
Make sure your outdoor kitchen has all the necessary spaces: prep, cook, and serve, cleaning. This will make it simple for you to do the entire job outside.

A satellite kitchen is perfect if you plan to do the bulk of your prep work in your actual kitchen. Locate your outdoor kitchen contiguous to your indoor kitchen will help you move food back and 4th speedily, and if you forget anything, you know its close by.

Including a bar top in your kitchen allows guests to sit and talk while you arrange and cook. This brings the party to the cook. Many visitors enjoy being close to the cook, and with a bar top they can watch all the action while still staying out of the main kitchen space.

If you are looking for a way to improve your outdoor kitchen and don't want to build in a bar top, consider using a long table with bar stools. This also can act as an immense prep area if you don't have enough counter space.

Much like having the dining space close by, having a living space close by will allow the cook to interrelate with guests while they hang out, waiting for the barbecue.

Large kitchens allow for family-style cooking. This is great for people who want to help arrange and cook the food. Make sure there is plenty of counter space for group cooking.

Whether with color, building or materials make your outdoor kitchen a focal point. This will help draw guests into the kitchen area while you cook. This covered kitchen, which allows for the party to be centered on the kitchen, is a great example.

Friday, 9 August 2013

AEG electrical product in Germany

AEG was founded in Germany over a century ago on a simple philosophy: All it designs should be wonderful in both form and function. Ever since its foundation in 1887, AEG has pioneer advanced electrical engineering, creature synonymous with German engineering, design and precision. 

AEG stands for good in performance and German engineering, which is why each product or service is created and developed to be “Perfekt in Form und Functions”. The AEG brand offers a full range of products that go on the proud history of the brand.

The product is as attractive and relevant today as it was over 120 years ago.

Perfektion is nothing without patience. All AEG products in the Neue Kollektion are prepared with our assurance that it will perform beyond potential. It's called AEG - Garantie. You will receive a 5 year unlimited warranty with all product. No exceptions. 

No small print. Of course, it's nothing less than you expect of high performing German standards.

Monday, 3 June 2013

New Places - Outdoor Kitchens are Heating Up

The unsanctioned grilling season is underway, and one of the hottest trends is bringing the kitchen outdoors, factually. Once thought merely practical in warmer climates, outdoor kitchens in Michigan are heating up. Makers of high-end grills and outdoor appliances distributors, landscape companies and home builders have seen this trend grow.

Trevarrow, an Auburn Hills, Mich.-based distributor of Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances including ones for outdoors, has seen double-digit growth in its outdoor appliances business. Outdoor kitchens can include cooking areas with refrigerators and ice makers designed and built for outdoor use that cost several thousand dollars each. There also are shiny built-in stainless steel kitchen sinks and even dishwashers. They’re all designed to be weather resistant.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Enjoy Evenings with Outdoor Kitchens

Now that the warm climate is finally upon us, the urge to fire up the grill only gets more intense as the night’s stay lighter later and neighbors and friends everyday your backyard more often. So you might want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your living space as it is an increasingly growing trend among homeowners.

According to Josh Braen part-owner and general manager of Braen Supply, there are a few things to think when you start to debate incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your backyard. Earliest, you want to try and set up a budget.

An outdoor pizza oven is a rising trend for homeowners that is gaining popularity" among those that are adding outdoor kitchens to their homes.

Outdoor kitchens are a newer trend and most kitchens probably aren’t too outdated. Incorporating a newer grill is a great choice. Adding an outdoor refrigerator to make your kitchen "more valuable" or a pergola, this is “decorative, but functional.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Outdoor Kitchens and its Popularity

People like a good traditional barbecue. On a sunny day, people just wish to cook and eat outside. For some reason, food cooked outside just tastes better. Whatever the reason, it seems as the weather heats up, so do our outdoor grills.

More people are remodeling their patios into an outdoor enjoyable space with the same entertaining concepts as the modern great room. The outdoor kitchen allows for the guests to congregate around the outdoor cooking action and makes it possible for the outdoor chef to be a part of the party.

Barbecues don't just grill anymore. Some come equipped with rotisseries and can double as smokers. Additional stove-top burners are also obtainable in some models, so you can prepare the whole meal with no ever stepping foot in the real kitchen.

For some, a giant, all inclusive barbecue just isn't enough. These intrepid grillers want more an actual outdoor kitchen. Only stainless-steel appliances can be used to equip an outdoor kitchen. Often homeowners want a roof over their outdoor cooking space. Precisely, no wood should be used over a barbecue, whether in the form of a roof or a pergola. If a roof is a must, consider partially covering the area, leaving the barbecue in the open. A frame can also be constructed of steel and a metal roof applied if a full roof is non-negotiable.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New RCS Brand Stainless Steel Double Horizontal Doors

double door 

The Agape Series natural stainless companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. High quality, double walled, raised panel stainless steel doors, for the great appearance and durability you want for your summer kitchen.
 Constructed of 304 stainless steel. Shown with the OPTIONAL ACT1 condiment tray, which can be added below.
  • Cutout dimension are 30 1/2" wide x 19 3/4" high.
  • Overall Frame Dimensions: 33" wide x 22" tall
Stainless Steel Double Horizontal Door Set for Outdoor Kitchens, Heavy duty for years of use. Includes full door frame for strength and product integrity.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Evaporative Patio Cooler, Belt Driven, Three Speed

The 36B3 is one of several 36" fans and this unit has 3 speed, belt drive and a 1/2 HP. High efficiency, totally enclosed 1/2 HP 120 Volt, 7.4 Amps.
 Imagine being able to sit outside on those rally hot days and still remaining comfortable. Now you can with these amazing Quiet Cool Evaporative Coolers. All you need is a 110 volt power supply and a water source and you too can enjoy a refreshing, cooling breeze even on the hottest summer days. These fans were originally designed and built for commercial applications but more and more people are enjoying them in the great outdoors, on their patios.

These fans have other benefits, too. Mosquitoes a problem? Not anymore. With these evaporative coolers, they can greatly dimish mosquitoes simply because of the moving air.
These coolers are quiet. They move air completely across the average patio with very little sound so it is easy to carry on conversations.

Here are some other fetures and benefits of Quiet Cool evaporative coolers.
  • Maintenance Free - Engineered by a Father and Son team of engineers and manufactured to be virtually maintenance free. They have built literally thousands of these fans.
  • Easy to operate - Needs only tap water and electricity to operate.
  • No waste - Engineered to be highly efficient, no water is wasted.
  • Easy to move - Completely portable, so anyone can roll it quickly to any hot area. Comes standard with large straight and swivel casters.
  • Air flow - QuietCool is tested for maximum air flow at operating static pressure - ensuring you maximum air flow and maximum comfort.
  • Amazingly Cooler air - Discharged air is as much as 26ºF degrees cooler than the incoming air. The drier the environment you are in, the cooler the effect. However-these fans cool air and have an amazing effect on compfort even in the highest humidity environments.
  • Filtered Air - Filters the air as is passes through the water-saturated cooling media - eliminating many air borne particles and dust.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Delicious Pizza-Pacific Living Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven 
 With style and ease the Pacific Living outdoor pizza oven takes grilling and barbecuing to another level of excitement. Whether it's cooking pizza, meat and seafood, casseroles, breads and desserts, or any other items that are normally cooked indoors, the Pacific Living outdoor gas oven will not only bring the fresh baking aroma outdoors, but will tastefully cook any of your outdoor meals to perfection.

  • Main Burner 16,000 BTU/LP or 16,000 BTU/NG
  • High end Stainless steel oven and cart
  • Built-in halogen cooking lights
  • cooking racks
  • Large oven capacity; cooks up to THREE 16-inch pizzas at one time
  • Great for baking any of your favorite foods including breads, meat and seafood, casseroles, and your favorite desserts
  • Convenient electronic ignition
  • Full view front window with temperature gauge
  • Fold down side shelves for easy storage
  • Cool Touch heat resistant handle
  • Includes food safe pizza stone
  • Includes wood chip smoker box for extra flavor
  • CSA Certified
  • LP tank sold separately
This unit may also be easily built into your outdoor kitchen by simply removing the side shelves and wheels and building your cabinet around it!You will still have the doors and drawer below for storing tools, etc.

Full length cover is also supplied at no additional charge! Unit is set up for LP, but includes natural gas orifices for conversion to natural gas fuel.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tall Pyramid Quartz Tube Heater-Stainless Steel

Pyramid Quartz Tube

Extend your outdoor living season with attractive, efficient gas heaters. Take the chill out of the air and enjoy entertaining outside with friends and family well into the fall months. Built with 304 stainless steel and fired with propane gas, this heater generates 40,000 Btu of heat.
Here is Some Basic Characters of Pyramid Quartz Tube.
  • Superior heat output in a rugged package
  • Whether used in commercial or residential applications
  • Wheels mounted to the base of most of the LP heaters for ease of movement
  • Heavy duty control valve with safety shut-off system
  • Simple and durable ignition system
  • Test fired at the factory for added safety
  • 304 Heavy Duty Double Insulated Stainless Steel Emitter Screen
  • New Safety Mechanical Tilt Switch
  • Top Quality Thermocouple
  • Electronic ignition

Monday, 4 March 2013

Luxury Back yard - Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

High-quality outdoor kitchen equipment is exactly what you need to be able to cook well in your yard. There are all sorts of equipment available to buy, and many companies sell it, mutually online and in brick-and mortar stores. Luxury is the key. For many people, the grill is still the most significant part of an outdoor kitchen. Grills are available in numerous different configurations. 

The cook will have still more options with a few other appliances. Refrigerators are another important type of outdoor kitchen equipment.
These come in regular refrigerators, refrigerators with drawers or simple refrigerated drawers. Cabinets are important matter of outdoor kitchen equipment. You can make your imaginings of backyard entertaining come true with outdoor kitchen equipment. Figure out what you need and get the best deals. You should have no trouble finding everything you want.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Modern Grilling Trends

Canadians and Americans love their gas grills, although some feel that grilling over gas loses some of the flavor associated with charcoal and flame. Well, worry no more. There are numerous grilling planks and wood chips obtainable that, when joint with the cooking power of a gas grill, allow garden chefs to taste the smoky flavor of wood while cooking with the convenience of gas. Tender, smoky ribs, roasts and seafood can be achieved with ease.


When you smoke a cut of meat, give it plenty of time and smoke so it can soak up the flavor. Start by saturated the wood chips in water for at least half an hour and then drains them. Use a stainless steel or cast iron smoker box placed under the cooking grids so the chips will smolder and smoke. Cooking meat or seafood on a wooden board is sure to get great results and wow your dinner guests. The process is just as simple as smoking. Just soak the plank in water, juice, or beer for an hour and pat it dry. Place the experienced meat on the plank and then onto a medium-low.