Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Modern Grilling Trends

Canadians and Americans love their gas grills, although some feel that grilling over gas loses some of the flavor associated with charcoal and flame. Well, worry no more. There are numerous grilling planks and wood chips obtainable that, when joint with the cooking power of a gas grill, allow garden chefs to taste the smoky flavor of wood while cooking with the convenience of gas. Tender, smoky ribs, roasts and seafood can be achieved with ease.


When you smoke a cut of meat, give it plenty of time and smoke so it can soak up the flavor. Start by saturated the wood chips in water for at least half an hour and then drains them. Use a stainless steel or cast iron smoker box placed under the cooking grids so the chips will smolder and smoke. Cooking meat or seafood on a wooden board is sure to get great results and wow your dinner guests. The process is just as simple as smoking. Just soak the plank in water, juice, or beer for an hour and pat it dry. Place the experienced meat on the plank and then onto a medium-low.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hand Made, Weathered Outdoor Wooden Ice Chest

outdoor ice chests

These ice chests from White Stone Products are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered barn wood and will continue to maintain their aged look for many years. The preferred method is prefer using barn wood with all of its character over new materials that are stained and don't have the same authentic look. As a result, with outdoor kitchen drawers there are no two exactly alike. Each one truly looks old and weathered as only nature could.

The lid has been removed and added to the cooler top so that when it closes, they fit tightly for a cold-enclosing fit. These wood ice chests add that rustic old charm feel to any outdoor gathering. All wood is lightly sanded for a more even, smoother and better looking finish. Also available are bars and trash containers that are made the same way to complement one another.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Outdoor Kitchens Design: Basic Rules

There are many different kinds of outdoor kitchens on the market, the different designs offer anyone looking for a backyard kitchen a very difficult task of finding the kitchen of their dreams, but this huge selection also promises that there is a kitchen out there for anyone looking for it.

Many home improvement magazines offer good advice on kitchens, even if you are not an avid monthly reader, try receiving one magazine and looking over its kitchens section. Budget is a big issue when it comes to home improvement costs, you can go over your budget very easily, and this is even more important if you are doing the work yourself.

You can decorate your outdoors with outdoor gas light. Some kitchen designers have computer software that can show you exactly how the end result will look like, and you can test make your outdoor kitchen without buying anything or going anywhere, which is a good start because you will not have to use a lot of time to consider diverse designs that are not compatible with your needs.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Reinforced Concrete Summer Kitchen Midnight Copper Granite Counter

Each Fire magic Gas Barbecue includes the most even heat distribution through cast stainless steel burners. The placement of the burners along with the portholes allows for ease of use and nearly eliminates hot spots and uneven cooking temperatures at the grilling surface. These cast stainless burners are 4 1/2 times thicker than any additional stainless steel burner.

                               summer kitchen

This cooking evenness is more achieved with the exclusive flavor grid which is a uniquely angled, perforated 16 gauge all stainless steel grid that allows the heat to exceed through while radiating the burners heat right through and across the cooking surface, practically eliminating hot spots. The flavor grid also allows the vaporizing of cooking juices and grease as the drippings hit it. When they vaporize, smoke is generated and you receive the flavor-enhancing smoke that makes cooking outdoors so great! Fire magic grills also feature heavy-duty specially-textured cooking grids that are made of thick 5/16" rod.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

CUTLASS PRO II Premium Stainless Steel RCS Grill

stainless steel 

The finest griddles of this type are made from restaurant or commercial grade stainless steel. Since they are thicker, they will cook foods more evenly and quicker than the cheaper stainless steel griddles. This means that for stainless steel cookware the griddle should be made of type 304 grade stainless steel or improved.

New Stainless Cutlass PRO II 30 Grill have premium unit features three cast stainless steel burners with cool blue electronic led knob lights, which actually include a temporary pilot light. The massive cooking size is just about 600 square inches of primary plus 240 secondary for a total of 840 square inches.

Monday, 11 February 2013

GL200 Aluminum Gas Light Head Post Mount

                                            aluminum gas light

When most people think of a gaslight, they think of one of these more traditional models which were so pervasive in the 60's and 70's all across America. Still found in hundreds of thousands of yards, we offer the entire original line in both traditional black and in white finishes. All of these models are shown in dual and triple mantle configurations but are also available with open flickering flames as well as electrified options.

The GL200 is our most popular light! This model fits an in ground post mount like the P99. The measurements are 22" tall and 11" wide. The frame is made of cast aluminum for years of use. Solid brass AGA approved control valve that offers infinite adjustments to minimize the amount of gas consumed versus light output. Available with standard dual mantle inverted burner, triple inverted, single upright or open flame choices. Also available for natural gas or Outdoor gas lamp. Tempered safety glass and two SM2 soft mantles and gold eagle are also included. Available in black or white. If no options are chosen, your light will be shipped in black, as natural gas and with a dual inverted mantle, all as shown.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Outdoor-Stainless Steel Door Horizontal 27 X 20

Stainless steel doors are used in most outdoor kitchen cabinetry these days. They add a touch of class and complexity to the interiors of the kitchen while providing a durable surface that is easy to sustain. Homeowners these days prefer to have their entire kitchen done up in quality stainless steel since this gives the residential kitchen a high-end profitable look.

Stainless Steel Door Horizontal 27 X 20 is the natural stainless companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. It have high quality, raised panel, double walled stainless steel door, for the great appearance and durability you want for your summer kitchen.

Horizontal Stainless Steel Door for Outdoor Kitchens constructed of 304 stainless steel good duty for years of use and includes full door frame for strength and product integrity. High quality, raised panel, double walled stainless steel door, for the great look and durability you want for your summer kitchen.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Gas Grills: How to Find the Best One

Grilling is the best art of exact heating and also the part of cooking. Burn the meat at too high a temperature, and you will end up with tough, chewy meat. There are numerous varieties of such grills, with most falling into one of two categories. If you still haven't done your grill shopping, now is the perfect moment to start. As the season peaks, you will find it harder to get good deals, so hurry out and get your shopping done now it!

When choosing a gas grill, first we consider the ease of use, better regulation etc. In all honesty, charcoal isn't the easiest of fuels to work with. It takes hours to burn and it is difficult to control the heat, particularly if you are a novice. Most inexperienced users can't even get a charcoal grill to start, let alone grill a decent steak on it. Regulating the temperature with a charcoal grill is not easy. Regulating the temperature with a charcoal grill is not easy.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Charred American Oak Stack

The Peterson Charred Cedar series is the most NEW one; built by the Robert H. Peterson Company they carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. All Peterson sets include the logs, custom grate to replace the wood grate you may previously have, silica sand to spread out the flames and a front bed of glowing embers as well as an installation kit, tubing and fittings.

Each overcooked log goes through four separate steps of hand painting to give it the most sensible detail available today. Cunningham living is an online resource of many hose holds things like outdoor kitchen Woodlands, outdoor kitchen cooler etc. The core burned-through cavity even includes burning, glowing embers. These logs are to be used in a vented, fully functioning, normally wood burning fireplace. If your fireplace is several years old, it is recommended that you have it cleaned by a certified specialized chimney sweep before installing gas logs .

Monday, 4 February 2013

Broil King 976584 Barbeque

Go on and spike up your parties or dinner time with the use of the Broil King 976584 LP barbeque. It is a grill that works on the thought of using liquid propane gas with a 40,000 BTU stainless steel burner.The equipment comes along with a 520 square inches of cooking space that makes it tremendously convenient to be able to go ahead and arrange the food to be grilled on it. Also, there is the porcelain quoted cast iron cooking grids which makes it suitable for the foods to be grilled without making a mess of it.

This is the type of an oven that will give you the perfect opportunity to go ahead and have a fun filled evening or party with friends and family and end up serving the most delectable of foods.No gathering is ever going to be complete henceforth without several dishes made in the oven. There is an excellent way of retaining the heat and ensuring that the food leftovers warm in it long after it has been cooked. You will surely find the use of this oven one of the best effects for outdoor cooking.