Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Design The Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchens have become very popular all the other countries in the last 5 years, and fashion is slowly beginning to prevail in this case. More and more people are searching online for designers who have created an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain your customers with ease. Many people immediately began to pay off that idea and decided it's not for them, but there is more than many people think of outdoor kitchens and many different ways you can have one created for you. A patio is a good start, of course, you will need a field outside his home to do it!

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Kitchen Designer - Choose Your Style

Kitchen designer talks about who and what you have, depending on the type and layout that you want. Since this is a designer, or your personal idea, it is still possible to cook in style. There are a lot of styles of cuisine you can think it, but it is one that you really want and it's definitely a busy, quality and personality.

Redecorating, or reconstucting brand-new outdoor kitchens, however, requires careful planning to create a kitchen that you can not just praise, and it's really useful when you use your kitchen. Simply because of how much you love to cook so you want to have a couple of your capabilities, with a beautiful and functional kitchen - which may be more of you.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hand-Made, Country Rustic, Midnight Black Table and Stools-Summer Special-$50.00 Price Reduction!!

Special Summer Promotion. Save additional $50.00. Limited time only!

White Stone Country Rustic, bar-height table and stools for indoor or outdoor use, available in either Rustic Barn Red or Midnight Black. Each color has been applied by hand and lightly sanded to give it that "been out back a while" look. Table is 42 1/2" long and 30 1/2" wide and 38" high.Stool dimensions are 14 1/2" square seating and 24 1/2" high.

Each piece is all hand built one at a time right here in Texas! The finish is laquered and has a slight sheen to it to help protect from the elements, if used outdoors. The edges of the table and each stool includes a rustic star adornment to further add that rustic look and feel.

INDOOR USES: Used indoors it compliments any game room, sitting room or bar area of your home. It even has a shelf below for your feet or other items. Also works great as a family game table, card table or work table for projects.

OUTDOOR USES: These sets work great outdoors since they are made of weathered wood and will last for years! They really blend well when used in conjunction with our other White Stone Ice Chest Cooler, Bar or Trash Can.

ARE THEY "GREEN"?  The most common question folks ask us is, "yeah-but how will it weather?"  Well, considering we are using aged, weather-exposed wood that has already been outside for years, it will not change a whole lot from what you see right now. This is used, old wood and that is why there are no two alike. By reusing this wood instead of putting it in the landfills, we are recycling it and giving it another life, you could say.

Please note-due to the size of this item, if you choose to pick it up locally, you may remove the $49.00 charge that has been added for oversize shipment.

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Monday, 29 August 2011

Optimize outside kitchens with beautiful home accessories

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular now. Both adults and children find immense pleasure in cooking and dining outdoors. This is the very reason why many would like to have outdoor kitchens where they can barbecue some food. Living in the open is the best time to create family bonding, and get together with friends who will certainly prove those happy moments. Setting up your kitchen outdoors is in fact a lot of factors such as space, budget, and the frequency of using outdoor kitchen.

When you build your outdoor kitchen, you can consider some home accessories, such as refrigerators, gas grills, kitchen cabinets or storage cabinets for that matter, as well as outdoor sinks. Looking for correct that matches the global design and layout of your kitchen, is the best place on Earth where you can prepare meals of betting that your family will surely love it.

In the meantime, if you buy in the drop-in-barbecues, there are some things that might need your focus and not just the price. Built on the grill is considered to be good, if it is made of stainless steel, which is double walls so as to make sure that it will take longer. Quick-cooking foodstuffs will also determine the number of burners, which can be found on the grilled meat. If it is in the family, children, that would be good if you can buy those with control buttons, ignition of the burner, as well as the locks, to ensure the safety of your child.

You should also see other accessories that are optional, such as a tray of smoke that can add a smokier flavor to your loved fish and meat. Nowadays, these products are also in different colors and materials that can meet your needs and add to your kitchen design all at the same time.

Also, shipped with stove gas that can be created in the optional accessories that can enrich the experience of cooking not only your but also all the food you prepare. If you want more options for accessories that you can use for your kitchen outdoors, and searching on the Internet would be wise to do.

These are just some of the Outdoor kitchen accessories for the House of ideas that you can use. I hope that they can help you in your decoration kitchen.

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Construction of the most important trends in Outdoor kitchen: cool stuff

Galleys on the outside of the building are all the rage, and if not already created one, make sure you have the plan kitchens outdoor home for me. Outdoor kitchens increases life space and add tremendous value to your home. This is the reason for building outdoor kitchens is the second most popular «Remodeling the kitchen inside.

A global project is, however, a large outdoor kitchen.

Certainly you enjoy in their own backyard and some tasty Bbq Bbq Grill any coal or gas up in, but you really bring your outdoor kitchen requires significant planning, skills and experience. This project is not a Do-it-yourself.

Here's what has to be taken into account:

Its setting in the open kitchen includes barbecue, counter top, sink, fridge, outdoor kitchens and comfortable furniture or bar outdoor stools a built-in barbeque for you and your guests, to withdraw.

Available in the market to determine how much you want to Barbecue Grills today Barbecue offers so many bells and whistles.

And the type of surface on top of important decisions counters when creating an outdoor kitchen. Options include solid granite tiles, quartz surface and other natural stones. Select the right to the top to ensure years of happiness and admiration. Wrong %u2026 years after hassle and headache

Additional luxuries:

For the ultimate in luxury may also consider installing a stereo, mats, fans, ceiling, fire pits, and more. Even TVs are moving.

Comfort and flow:

Comfort is the key to enjoying your kitchen and outdoor recreation. But before you empty your wallet to a group of food imported teak bar stools, take a look at the available space and to decide how to paint, go to "flow".

Everyone needs a little space, so make sure that for some of the basic and standard construction measurement accounts open Outdoor kitchen plan allows enough space to sit and move around.

Also keep in mind the protection against Sun, rain and win.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Outdoor Kitchen open-device selection

Your outdoor kitchen can be simple or fancy according to needs, wants, and your budget. If You want to basically just cooking outdoors, You will need a grill, granite counter top and side burner. If you also want to be able to serve drinks, adding a refrigerator, Ice Maker and bar to your list.

What happens if the sky is the limit? Consider you, a dishwasher, TV screen with surround-sound, electric fireplace, fountains, stainless steel with tray and low voltage lighting warming. Serious cooks want a high writer.

If you want to be more conservative and just install what you need, think about the location air free kitchen on its cuisine under the roof. The won ' t want to keep the corridor to the Interior for the things you need for cooking. You can have the dishes, kitchen utensils, water, ice and external cooling available in execution.

How much it will pay off in the kitchen? This is a great investment. Thought about 1,000-41, 800 per linear meter of the award, which includes all final installation of rough Granite for polishing. If you want to entertain many people throughout the year, however, out of the kitchen offers a "big bang" investments.

Here are some tips for your equipment:

* Lattice: check command Grill patio MVP series Gas Grills, logos and colors of the colleges. A smoker and a unique all-in-one Grill is available from the big green egg in five sizes. Kalamazoo outdoor Gourmet grill to cook hybrid charcoal, gas and wood at the same time.

* Kitchen open-air: refinished talent Miami third option senora: channel Chef (with refrigerator), Grilling stations and Entertainment channels (including Canal cocktails and refrigerators).

* Oven Pizza: Kalamazoo Outdoor Artisan Pizza oven is made of stainless steel and bake bread and Pizza chefs.

TV: Outdoor LCD TV weather, according to the Sun Brit television can withstand dust, extreme temperatures and rain and an anti-glare screen.

* Dry storage warehouse: this offer outdoor ponds and dry goods stores and adjustable shelf and inner drawers. Inevitable, and keep rain and pests.

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Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular luxury home owners

If your residence is located in a mild or a stable climate, you should consider the investment in the outdoor kitchen. Why build in the first place outside the kitchen? Often if you want to have a fairly large meetings, or the host Party, have a lot of private outdoor space with additional amenities like a swimming pool; Then the outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution and a compliment. And may increase the total value of your House! That it "is much easier to clean and forces you to become more social, not to mention.

Needless to say, there are many perks of owning an outdoor kitchen. That is probably why they has been gaining in popularity in recent years; particularly among luxury home owners. Design/living development of the past decade has been to put more emphasis on outdoor space; This is particularly emphasized for home owners who find themselves in the climate that tend to be quite warm and stable for a majority of the months of the year. Basically rural homes & amp; Villas. Although many of the newest homes Builder includes some form of electronic covers that shade and protect against the elements by pressing a button. If you think about getting a Australia outdoor kitchen, this is a feature that you should definitely be based on.

Perhaps the best reason to put in your kitchen outdoors is that a lot of fun, people tend to flock to. Add a group, whereas it increased a painting in the hip, it is not necessary to get noticed. With additional room for you in the outdoors you can prepare many activities that you can dream of. You like it and I'm not saying you put in your kitchen outdoors you will be toast; however certainly distinct possibility.

While it is not necessary to add an outdoor kitchen to your new home, it is clear to see why they are increasing in popularity. From their ease of access to their facilities for hosting a guest heard they just so tempting. Although you will receive the best in Home Kitchen building, equipment, decoration, ect %u2026 you need to remember the golden rule; You get what you pay for. Usually reflected the quality of the tool not only of its prestige and references, but also by its price. Nine times out of ten you will regret choosing builder undercut their competitor just for the sake of securing the building. You must also make sure that you don ' t get overcharged viewers (although this with reputable builders are far less likely case), but this task can be done easily by requesting a detailed proposal with a cost analysis.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Outdoor kitchen benefits

Today we will talk about the benefits of an outdoor kitchen in your home against not only? There is a kitchen in the building. Now we have to travel a difficult right just kidding by. There are many good things about outdoor kitchen it Don't get me wrong if you does has no effect, or you do not have don We are simply here stating something good that you receive when you have in your home Don't you worry. Everything in this world has its own reason for development and have their own advantages.

Okay, let's start enumerating them:

1. Entertainment - an outdoor kitchen would with very large, holding social events in the free. Why? Now, is It beautiful, and you Can ' t help but be thrilled at the sight. It makes you want to get there and hang out. That is pretty much it.

2. Lower Electric Bill-this right here is a great advantage. When you're outdoors, you don 't need to consume electricity only to run the air conditioner manufacturing are just like how you used to when you have gatherings indoors. You can 't help but turn the because the volume of people that come inside your House make it sweltering hot it is why air conditioner manufacturing are required. But outdoors, it is fresh air everywhere, cool breeze and people. You don 't need an air conditioner manufacturing are, what you need is a fire pit.

3. Less cluttered-let's face it, in Your kitchen too clean room that is a little mess could mean big time. But outside the House, it doesn't matter if neither You spilling sauce on the floor; This is probably the grass or concrete. That's the main advantage here. You don ' t have to clean on the main road is not like how You would do when you are indoors. You won ' t see big mess the next day does not like when you have your kitchen in the room.

4. All in one place - the kitchen, the preparation and other related is doing things in one place, open-air kitchen where inside, is that cooking in the kitchen, lead to the dining room and risk spills across the floor and stuff and they have to travel round-trip. This is also painful if you have meetings in the open air and you don ' t has an outdoor kitchen. You have to go forward and back inside to get prepared from within food from the kitchen in the back yard.

5. value-have you heard of Raises to sell it to the right. It could also cause the value of the property of their house. Taking extra things in your House in order to increase the value of the buyer in case you intend to sell it in the future.

So now that you know the benefits, you may be thinking along the same lines. However, first of all you should consult the professionals in order to have the best looking outdoor kitchen in the world or just to make sure it would fit your outdoor area.

Outdoor Kitchens - Lighting

Who says you can not do anything? Today, everything can be done, furniture, entertainment system and even the kitchen. Imagine your Outdoor kitchen ? Yes, it is now possible. And it is called a kitchen, now called "outdoor kitchen" Now who would have thought that could be called this way. However, the external version is the kitchen. Each kitchen equipment, furniture and other things that are created specifically for outdoor use. Now, the difference between the tricks used in the interior and kitchen tips that are used outdoors are very important. You see, kitchen stuff inside does not need protection from outside forces. All they need is the durability to last longer. cookware outdoors on the other hand, the need for full protection as external forces constant climate changes, wind, wet and lots of other things and having to deal with it in large quantities.

Take the lighting in the kitchen, for example, must be robust enough to remain unaffected by weather.

Simply, we talk about lighting. Not only give you light when you need it. Most of you do not know, but also affect the overall atmosphere of the kitchen. Yes, they do. The atmosphere in your kitchen could soon change, when there are special lights installed. Otherwise, a lot of different lighting you choose, that have a significant impact on your outdoor kitchen. Just to give you some examples, the lights, colored bulbs, lamps and a soft white, which could make your outdoor cooking in a certain mood depending on the color of the bulb you choose. Even the lighting is powered by solar energy or heat from the sun.

Most of these things is automatic and out of functions so that would be out all day while she sucks the sun's solar energy and stores it in its database - the internal battery is detected and when the sun no more, automatically, unless the night to light. It also has many variations according to your preferences. It is very convenient because you do not have to pay for electricity when used. All you have to do is install it and let it do its job, and can be removed or changed if desired.

So now that you know these things, you now have new options when it comes to lighting variations that can be installed outdoors, with your kitchen, you can give a certain effect, which would certainly change the atmosphere every time you turn it on. Check it out in your nearest store at home and try to improve yourself, you can witness what I say right now. Remember, you do not see if you try it. So what are you waiting for?

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Outdoor Kitchens: A Great Way To Cook Without Heating Your Sweet Home

Design of outdoor cooking is really popular in Newport Beach, California, USA. This special beach district of California has a magnificent view of the sea and most people love their outdoor kitchens. In fact, the design of outdoor kitchens and the various components in the design of residential landscape often merged to create the desired effect. No wonder the rich and famous have their homes in Newport Beach, Orange County.

Decorating kitchens can integrate many concepts. The kitchen area with seating, there is much that can be conceptualized in a creative way. In all areas of beach in Orange County, California, as Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Seal Beach a number of coaching courses and workshops have been created that teaches you all the different concepts of technical design kitchens outdoor and residential landscaping.

After completing both of these concepts, you go to create your own special outdoor kitchen islands. Outdoor kitchen island is an island like a piece of landscape, specifically reserved for the kitchen. Orange County is one of the islands of the country kitchen. The advantages of creating the island has in abundance. Do not you have a beautiful home, but drew a lot of jealousy with friends and colleagues. But you have to handle the boat. Make sure you get the right model, the best of your home. Your kitchen island can not drink in various shapes, including round, rectangular or square, or much longer. However, the most common idea is to have a stove to go round to a rectangular space seats. This simple design can be incorporated into various themes, and may have a specific individual.

Also, if you want to buy a new home in Newport Beach or other areas of the beach, remember a close look at your outdoor kitchen island.

Landscaping include other residential areas and more. Haven and all other external parts of your home is included in residential landscaping. A good landscape design will ensure that your home looks exactly like the paradise you've always wanted. Although the charges of these artists varies, you're sure to find some very affordable options in Orange County. All major cities Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Foothill Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Rancho Santa Margarita, Seal Beach, Villa Park and Yorba Linda in Orange County has some of the best and most beautiful islands outdoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen design.

In today's market, outdoor kitchens are in high demand, which supports the goal and not resist the masonry. In addition, the design of outdoor kitchens has its advantages and mixing facilities of the court and the starting materials without losing. On the other hand, the barbecue grill design is the choice for many outdoor kitchens, note that all the plans you should have more space for the manufacturing network. If there is not much room for outdoor kitchens will be like placing objects in the room very small and certainly look like an RV kitchen.

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Outdoor kitchen design hot new Trend

One of the hottest new trends in outdoor kitchen design and remodeling in General to the fact that out of the kitchen and outdoor entertainment center. General lifestyle and entertaining habits across the u.s. are beginning to see some interesting changes. More and more people began to entertain more at home than go.

Whether this is based on the economy, rising gas prices, or the age of the majority of individuals in the population structure of the randomness of the ' Delete ', but it is clear that the trend of outdoor kitchens are really hot right now and actually really great return on investment.

According to the complexity and functionality of your kitchen designs, you can actually make money in the kitchen in the open air, 200% or more of the initial cost in some cases.

Currently the national average return on investment for small kitchen remodel of approximately 81%, and even less for hosting the main kitchen's coming only 70%, but outdoor kitchens are between 130-200% if it is done right.

So what does the right? What are the main components required to provide a really great outdoor kitchen?

Today 's outdoor kitchen is far more complex than simple charcoal grill and patio furniture, outdoor kitchen, today often incorporate bar and lounge/dining look and feel.
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Just because the kitchen is outside doesn't ' t mean you throw out the traditional design principles %u2026 the same design principles still apply, and the feature is still one of the most important considerations. One of the most functional working designs are kitchen work triangle.

The kitchen work triangle kitchen sink tip one of the triangle, and the status koktob or range in another tip of the triangle Centre in another refrigerator tip of the triangle. It may be impossible or impractical to achieve this in an atmosphere outdoors, depending on the status of coordination and extension of existing structures, but are planning for whatever you decide to go with there are always ways to make career.

If you have long straight, L-shape or form u consider posting workstations in a progression. For example, the first place of the receiver, the further training, cooking area adjacent to it. It is important to enough counter space/for the preparation and servicing.

Is another important aspect of the kitchen and is the ideal focal point for a great view, rests against a fireplace or a pool but do not have, such as you can do any of these properties if the focus point from your site, create and design planning.

Create a beautiful space lounging incorporating is important too so many chairs areas anywhere you can is a big plus.

Easy access to the interior is a key consideration, from articles you have more to come and go back to the kitchen under roof.

Should some features that include outdoor kitchens would be of course Grill wekoktob, there are many options ranging from gas and charcoal grills wood burning oven.

Then, of course, outdoor kitchen would not be complete without the sink and fridge, but you can also consider a refrigerator of the wine and if you want to get all the amenities you can then also include a dishwasher too %u2026 just make sure that they are all made to nature.

Some outdoor kitchens are even waterproof flat screen TVs and audio systems.

Outdoor kitchens, not just the spot for family and friends to gather and enjoy good food and good company %u2026 it 's also very smart investment in the value of your home.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Outdoor Kitchens Information

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming all the rage these days doing family members barbecues simpler than ever! Cooking within the grill is a great approach to entertain company or just feed the household devoid of heating up the kitchen area or generating a mess for that fact. Running back and forth through the kitchen to the patio gets older. Nowadays grilling is simpler and much more enjoyable by manufacturing an outdoor cooking area. Even the simplest of set-ups can make outside cooking more streamlined. The fanciest types mean you won't must go back inside until all your invited guests leave mainly because anything is correct at your fingertips! Charcoal was wonderful in the beginning but the gas grill took throughout because of its convenience. Today's most advanced grills have side burners, storage space and deliver the results places made proper in. Every little thing is incorporated for your outside patio and entertaining is no longer a chore to prepare.

Establishing an outside home might be just the thing for you if you've frequent cookouts and everybody is intrigued with your barbecue skills. Maybe you grill in large amounts and need to have a lot more of a simpler method to do this. An outdoor kitchen also maybe just for you if you have an unused patio or deck. If you are needing to move beyond the burgers and dogs and try out some savvy dishes an outside kitchen may be best to suit your needs. Also if you are tired from the outrageous electric bills as a result of your heating up the home and your air conditioner functioning overtime. If any of these suggestions resonate with you, it is almost certainly time to complete some outdoor home shopping.

An outside cooking area may be as little or elaborate as you want using the grill being the centerpiece. The most commonplace grills go with wheels that you simply can take with you when you proceed and arrive in a wide variety of sizes, features and price tag. These are likewise fun to take for the beach as nicely. In the event you are intending to integrate the home as a permanent portion of your house, pick a constructed in grill that will drop into an area on a cabinet with counter tops that may be made on internet site. It is significantly like your kitchen area inside. A few of the accessories you will need to have are: baskets for grilling fish, vegetables or hush puppies, a griddle, tongs and a reliable meat thermometer. Side burners are included in most grills nowadays but a camping stove can get the job completed. Make certain your work room is sanitized for food preparation. You can find a variety of lights for the outside kitchen area but direct light is better for the job region.

Clip ons are available to clip directly onto your grill so you can get your meat excellent in the center! One more consideration can be a patio heater or fire pit if you are planning to use the area year round in very cold environments. Insects can ruin essentially the most elegant and well-planned parties so always remember to have repellents conducive to your location. If bugs weren't enough, smoke with your guest eyes is not comfortable so will not forget the exhaust hood. Other important matters to don't forget are obtaining sufficient electrical outlets, a refrigerator, sink and warming drawers to preserve food heated till time to serve. An ice machine is also favorable (no ugly, bulky coolers) and naturally the wine storage. Don't forget the corkscrew!

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Ideas For Outdoor Cooking To Make Something Entertaining To Talk!

If you entertain frequently, you should definitely consider an outdoor kitchens. Ideas are everywhere and are offered at the grill and simple units of counter space to produce integrated whole "second kitchen!" Prices, of course, ranging from modest to wacky and come in kits or DIY projects.

While the sink and the fridge is in essence, are not always necessary, which can help reduce costs. Expect an outdoor version of a kitchen to be more relaxed, with perhaps only what you need space and a grill well. If a more elaborate design is what you want, this can increase the value of your home, especially if it can be considered as a second kitchen.

Kitchen ideas can be done on a stone patio or deck, but the reinforcement may be necessary if your new kitchen will have a fridge and a rock face or stone. You will also need to check with your local building department for code requirements and see if you need a permit. Different sites have different rules. Remember, if something goes wrong and someone gets hurt, you can be held personally liable, especially if you pulled a permit and you do not.

And its a good idea, but not critical, your kitchen is in the backyard, near your home and a kitchen inside. Planning is always the most important part of any reform project, and generally poor design makes the damage across the board. You can also design a space with care. Make sure you take everything into consideration, what we want to cook, eat and serve. This includes all the space needed to comfort the family and guests.

If you're considering a kit, online search for "kitchen kit" or "kitchen court," and if you want to see what is available to build from scratch, search for "plans outdoor kitchen" or "ultimate plans for outdoor cooking. " Either way, start your search online to get a better idea of %u200B%u200Bwhat exists. You will need this information to buy smarter and better able to talk to people with ties to companies that will treat you.

Today, outdoor kitchens are much more than a grid, a small counter space and dining facilities. If you really enjoy a lot, you might consider a built-in refrigerator, built-in storage for essential items and tools, propane heating, and perhaps even an outdoor fireplace! There are also a number of lighting options, such as low voltage lamps (Earth Friendly) and solar lights (actually, the Earth Friendly). Search for "Low-voltage lighting," and "sunlight" to see what would suit your plans. Mixing can be not only intelligent, but something else to talk about when gathered on the grid!

For more information on these ideas and the details of your backyard kitchen design, visit the kitchens OUTDOOR and click on the navigation column on the left. This is the time to plan and start to get serious about your second kitchen. You'll be surprised how fast you can not fire up Barbie for the new fitted kitchen outdoors!

This lens does not have any content modules yet.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Danby Silhouette Select 5.3 Cu. Ft. Built-in Beverage Center

Be prepared for the next time you have guests over, and get the Danby 5.3 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center (DBC162BLSST). Please your visitors with a cold beverage of their choice by offering wine, soda, or beer. This compact drink cooler features a frost-free, fan-forced cooling system so the temperature stays consistent within the unit. It also boasts an adjustable thermostat that can be set between 39°F and 64°F.

In addition, it has LOW E glass laid in the stainless steel bordered door to help protect wine from harmful UV rays. And for an added aesthetic, the Danby 5.3 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center's elegant tempered glass shelves have stainless steel trim as well.

Ample Beverage Storage:

You can store up to 112 beverage cans and 11 bottles of wine in this top-of-the-line beverage center.

Reversible Door:

This cooler caters to you -- open the door with integrated handle from the left or the right.

LED Track Lighting:

Not only does this unit perform great, it looks fantastic as well with its white LED track lighting.


Model: DBC162BLSST
Brand: Danby
5.3 cu. ft. capacity
Holds 112 beverage cans and 11 bottles of wine
Digital thermostat with LED display
Frost-free, fan-forced cooling system
Reversible door
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
Danby 5.3 Cu. Ft. Beverage Center
Elegant tempered glass shelves with stainless trimming
Stainless steel trimmed door with LOW E glass
Interior white LED track lighting
Temperature range: 39° - 64°F
Weight: 123.48 lbs
Dimensions: 34-7/16" H x 23-13/16" W x 23-10/16" D


Height: 34-7/16"
Width: 23-13/16"
Depth: 23-10/16"

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NEW Hand Made, Weathered Wood Outdoor Igloo Ice Chest W/Black Fleur De Lis

These ice chests from White Stone Products are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered "barn wood" and will continue to maintain their "aged" look for many years. We prefer using barn wood with all of its character over new materials that are stained and don't have the same authentic look. As a result, with our coolers there are no two exactly alike. Each one truly looks old and weathered as only nature could!

The adornments include  a small rust colored star, lid handle and bottle opener.Inside is a GEN-U-INE  IGLOO brand 48 quart cooler. The lid has been removed and added to the cooler top so that when it closes, they fit tightly for a cold-enclosing fit.We prefer Igloo brand coolers due to their ruggedness and long-lasting quality.

They out- perform other cheaper coolers that contain non-insulated metal liners found elsewhere. The boxes also include a handy drain feature on the end for when the party is over. Will accommodate 2 liter bottle standing up plus a lot of cans and bottles with plenty of room for ice.

These "barn-wood" style ice chests add that rustic old charm feel to any outdoor gathering. All wood is lightly sanded for a more even, smoother and better looking finish. Also available are bars and trash containers that are made the same way to complement one another.

No need to worry about the wood fading IT ALREADY IS! The materials are what is commonly called "barn wood" and are in fact very old materials but still very useful and strong. You could say we're sort of recycling this stuff!

All of the decorative hardware is covered with a black powder coat.

Approximate dimensions are (remember these are hand-built so it will vary a little from piece to piece) 33" tall, 29" left to right and 19" deep.

Go ahead and get one, you'll be glad you did and your neighbors will be jealous!

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Stainless Steel Propane Patio Gas Heater

Extend your outdoor living season with attractive, efficient gas heaters. Take the chill out of the air and enjoy entertaining outside with friends and family well into the Fall months. Built with 304 stainless steel and fired with propane gas, this heater generates 46,000 btu's of heat. Includes a 38", solid heavy duty, polished aluminum reflector shield, for greater heat production, compared to the 33" standard. Mounted on a 2 1/2" 304 stainless steel pole and has a heavy duty 304 stainless steel burner.
Superior heat output in a rugged package

Whether used in commercial or residential applications,

Wheels mounted to the base of most of the LP heaters for ease of movement

Heavy duty control valve with safety shut-off system

Simple and durable ignition system

Test fired at the factory for added safety

-304 Heavy Duty Conical Double Insulated Stainless Steel Emitter Screen

-New Safety Mechanical Tilt Switch

-Top Quality Thermocouple

-Electronic ignition

-Solid Cylindrical Tank Housing

-Easy Build Assembly

Tall Pyramid Quartz Tube Heater-Stainless Steel

Extend your outdoor living season with attractive, efficient gas heaters. Take the chill out of the air and enjoy entertaining outside with friends and family well into the Fall months. Built with 304 stainless steel and fired with propane gas, this heater generates 40,000 btu's of heat.

Superior heat output in a rugged package
Whether used in commercial or residential applications,
Wheels mounted to the base of most of the LP heaters for ease of movement

Heavy duty control valve with safety shut-off system

Simple and durable ignition system

Test fired at the factory for added safety

-304 Heavy Duty Double Insulated Stainless Steel Emitter Screen

-New Safety Mechanical Tilt Switch

-Top Quality Thermocouple

-Electronic ignition

Friday, 19 August 2011

NEW "SUPER DUPER" Hand-Made, Weathered Wood Outdoor Ice Chest With EVERYTHING!

This ice chest is the SUPER DUPER Rustic Cooler!! Dare I call it the "Mother of All Rustic Coolers"?  It features the Igloo Brand 48 qt. cooler, ice tray/bottle center insert, a slot for knife storage, removable  cutting board/lid, second ice bin for "clean" ice, a towel bar/handle, a bottle rack, easy roll casters, a storage drawer, bottle opener, and fold down side shelf. This one has it all! For complete details, click HERE.  You may also choose from the adornments below according to your budget and taste.

NOTE- this ice chest has TWO separate compartments! That means you can use either ONE or BOTH sides at the same time. Smaller party? Use just one side. Some other double units have one large cavity so you have to use both sides at once. Not ours!

These ice chests are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered wood, NOT stained wood. As a result there are no two exactly alike. AND, they all include old-timey bottle openers!

-The larger ice chest is a 48 qt and the inside measurements are 22” wide x 12  ½” front to back x 11” deep

-The smaller ice chest is 8” wide x 11” front to back x 7” deep

-The ice bin is 5 ½” wide x 11 ½” front to back x 6” deep

-The larger ice chest does have a drain and is located on the far left side behind a door so that it is hidden and looks nice

-The smaller ice chest is removable because of its size an can be simply dumped out.

-The ice bin also simply lifts out for cleaning and draining.

-Approximate overall dimensions are (remember these are hand-built so it will vary a little from piece to piece) 32" tall, 62" left to right and 17" deep.

Source: Outdoor Kitchens

NEW! RCS Brand Wine Cooler

The natural companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. High quality stainless, 3.1 cubic foot wine cooler. Includes stainless and glass door front with black frame trim, interior light, adjustable feet/levelers, adjustable thermostat, adjustable interior shelves, automatic defrost and two inner drawers. There are reversible door hinges for right or left opening and a solid work surface top. Net weight is 55 pounds.

Cutout dimensions are: 17 7/8" W x 33 1/4" H.

Source: Outdoor Kitchens

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cutlass Series Stainless Steel RCS 27" Grill

Stainless Steel 27" Grill by Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS). This grill features 304 stainless steel construction throughout, including the heavy-duty stainless steel tubular burners. 304 is the best stainless steel you can use in the gas grill industry! Other features include: Heat indicator built into the lid, sure strike ignition with shields for ease of starting, TWO interior halogen lights which shows you the true color of the foods you are preparing especially at night, stainless steel / ceramic rear burner with a whopping 12,500 BTU's of cooking power, stainless steel rotisserie motor and spit rod/forks, grilling zone seperators, stainless steel flame tamers, stainless steel full-width front handle, and heavy stainless steel cooking grids and stainless steel flame tamers! All of this is backed by a lifetime warranty on the burners, housing, flavor grids, and cooking grids.

All of these features are packed into a grill with a powerful 30,000 BTU cooking system and approximately 417 square inches of primary and 160 square inches of secondary for approximately 576 square inches of total cooking surface! Notice-MUST be installed in a non-combustible cabinet for outdoor kitchen applications or on the SC cart.

Please specify natural gas or propane. Cutout dimensions for the 27" RCS builtin grill are 29 3/4"W,18"D and 11"H. Overall Width of grill including hanging flange: 31 1/2".

The RON27 is designed for use in a NON-flamable cabinet. For use in a combustible cabinet (wood), you need to order the optional insulating liner above. Cutout dimensions for the insulating liner are: 31 1/2" W x 19 1/4"D x 11 3/4"H.

Source: Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Weatherproof 32" Television

Now THIS is cool! Perfect for entertaining in your new "Outdoor Room". Sit around the firepit, in the spa, hot tub or entertaining with your gas grill and you won't miss the game or Nascar race!

Designed for both residential and commercial applications. This unit is completely weatherproof and has a 32" diagonal anti-glare / superbright screen specifically engineered for outdoor use. Can be easily wall or post mounted with the bracket holes included.

Specifications for MirageVision 32
LCD Outdoor TV (32 inch)
LCD Screen 32" Viewable diagonal area, TFT/WXGA Active Matrix Liquid Crystal with Enhanced Brightness Modulationn
Resolution 1366 X 768
Contrast 1000: 1
Brightness 3600 Lux
Response 8 ms

Power AC 100~240V 50~60 Hz @ 180 watts max
HDTV 480i, 480p, 556p, 720p, 1080i
TV System NTSC (also available in PAL or SCEM)
Tuner Wireless Input From Any S-Video Source with Built-in CATV Tuner (up to 181 pre-selected channels)
Input Connectors RF, S-Video, Composite, Component, VGA with Water- Resistant / All Weather Junction Box

Signal Receiver Module Built-in Digital (S-Video) Receiver
Video / Source Sender Modular Digital (S-Video) Transmitter
Speaker Output 15W x 2 Channels (water resistant)
Operating Temperature 5 to 125 degrees F
Off Mode/Standby Temperature -25 to 145 degrees F

Handheld IR to Control TV Functions Hand Held IR to Control TV Functions
32 W x 23 H x 4 D (inches) 32 W x 23 H x 4 D (inches)
Weight 45 lbs.
Cabinet Powder coated aluminum enclosure with waterproof seal rating of AP#3
Warranty Two Year (parts) and One Year (labor)

Source: Outdoor Kitchens

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Venting Panel, Louvered Stainless Steel

The natural stainless companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. High quality venting panel, for the great appearance and durability you want for your summer kitchen. Stainless Steel Venting Panel to be added to outdoor kitchens to allow proper ventilation of the cabinet and equipment.

It is recommended to install one panel for every 4 feet of island for proper ventilation. 5" x 14".

Source: Outdoor Kitchens

NEW! RCS Brand Refrigerator, with lock for outdoor kitchens

Raefrigerator is a commonly referred to as a fridge is a common household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical, electronic, or chemical) which transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room and cooling is a popular food storage technique in developed countries and works by decreasing the reproduction rate of bacteria.

Freezer units are used in households and in industry and commerce for the most freezers operate around 0 °F (−18 °C) and many upright modern freezers come with an ice dispenser built into their door.

The natural companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. High quality stainless, 4.8 cubic foot refrigerator. Includes door lock, stainless door front with black frame trim, interior light, adjustable feet/levelers, adjustable thermostat, adjustable glass interior shelves, automatic defrost and two inner drawers. There are reversible door hinges for right or left opening and a solid work surface top. Net weight is 55 pounds.

Cutout dimensions are: 21 1/2" W x 33 " H x 22"D.

Source: Outdoor Kitchens

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Igloo Upgrade for ALL RCS Drawers For Outdoor Kitchens

The natural companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. High quality Igloo Cooler, for the great appearance and durability you want for your summer kitchen. What a great idea! Now any RCS door or Drawer/Door combo can be upgraded with an Igloo cooler. Holds up to 9 cans or may be used to keep foods cool before preparation. Can also be used to keep prepared foods WARM before serving! Handy carrying handle allows the cooler to lift out easily to take it with you. This "upgrade" makes your RCS drawers much more useful and is a real value for just 16 bucks!

Cool Outdoor Blender for Outdoor Kitchens!

The natural companion accessory for your outdoor summer kitchen. NOW you can create your favorite libations right on your outdoor kitchen! This unit is built in and comes complete with the stainless steel weather cover, blender, and power unit.

One of the quietest food processors available. Works both indoors and out! 600 watt motor - 7,000 to 18,000 rpms - 8.7 sones quiet. 5 speeds with push button control pad. Glass blender with stainless steel blades, dishwasher safe. 6 cup capacity.

Installed size is 11" long x 5 1/2" wide. Cutout dimensions are 10 1/8" long x 4 5/8" wide. 18" under counter clearance required as well as 7 1/2" clearance below counter top for the drop-in motor. Also - 4" clearance from rear of unit to back wall and 1" from front of unit to counter edge.

This is the ultimate accessory for YOUR outdoor kitchen!

Your order will include one each KCPWR2SSW power base, KCGBL, Glass Blender Pitcher and a KCWPC Weatherproof Cover.

Warranty for one year against defects or workmanship.

Friday, 12 August 2011


"SUPER DUPER” hand-made wood outdoor ice chest gives your outdoor kitchen a contemporary look and is quite trendy. They have two compartments and so, can be used for both if you’re throwing a small party or a huge party.

Each of these handmade woods is from old weathered wood, so none of them will look alike and each one will have its own weathered patterns or designs. This wood pattern gives you antique look and these woods are slightly polished to give you a leveled, smoother and clean finish. This type ice coolers comes in varied inside capacity such as 22” wide x 12 ½” front to back x 11” deep and smaller chest 8” wide x 11” front to back x 7” deep.

The larger ice chest usually has provision to drain whereas smaller ice chest does not have a drain but can be easily drained as it is removable. You can opt for any of these capacities suiting your needs. "Super Duper” hand-made wood outdoor ice chest has ice tray, a slot for knife storage, easy removable cutting board, alternate ice bin, handle bar for towels, bottle rack, easy roll casters, a storage drawer, bottle opener, fold down side shelf and Igloo Brand 48 quart cooler. It has a good quality Igloo brand 48 quart cooler as it is durable and can withstand rough handling.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Outdoor Fire place for your winter needs

Relaxing at your home’s backyard is the best possible way to distress. We all lead a very hectic busy life and trust me when I say that we’ll be consumed literally if we don’t find ways to release the pressure. Some likes to sit it their music room with a chilled beer and listen to their favorites, while some likes to watch sports center on their couch and chill. Some likes to go for long drives alone on a nice day filled with brilliant weather. But then sitting outside having a barbeque day with your loved ones, watching your favorite sports along with chilled beer and hot dogs sums it up.

Most people tend to chill at their backyard garden only during hot summer days and if you have a beach house, it makes up the perfect day by relaxing you and filling your inside with peace. This is little difficult during cold winter days. But then nothing is impossible. Ever since our evolution, man has always found a way towards getting comfortable and finding solutions to various problems he encounters.

Having a fireplace along with outdoor kitchens, wearing warm clothes and sipping nice hot chocolate or a strong dosage of whiskey, watching your favorite soap opera or a fabulous movie is the precise perfect solution for a cold winter day.

The fireplace at your backyard gives you the necessary warmth you need during cold days. It is also quite romantic to sit at the fireplace with your spouse or fiancée and wine to finish it all up. Even candle light dinner sometimes stands as a feasible solution for making romance. There are experts in the market who can construct beautiful fireplaces matching your garden, making your garden a place of heaven. Having a boon fire and playing musical chairs is one of the common and most entertaining activities while having a party under this context.

The decorative pieces concerning fireboxes are long time favorites and been widely accepted in most parts of the world. Not only do they enhance the appearance of your garden but also give you the necessary warmth creating the best atmosphere you can ever get. You have plenty of designs, styles, sizes, Mexican styles, traditional ones to Chinese style outdoor fireguards. You can also choose to customize your own design based on your likes and dislikes.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Decorative outdoor gas lighting fixtures

If you are overly fond of hosting outdoor parties at your residence,then it is necessary that you take special care to make the outdoor area look pleasant for the guests. Your guests will feel happy and will look forward to attending your outdoor parties more often if you make your exteriors well-illumined and presentable for the occasion.

As a homeowner, you can spend money to provide landscaping and place some aesthetically designed chairs and tables to seat your guests. But remember that most outdoor parties are held during nights and the onus is on you to provide attractive lighting fixtures to enhance the overall décor. Remember that proper lighting is necessary not merely to dispel darkness but also to highlight the charm of your exteriors and outdoor gas lightings add a lot of color and splendor to any outdoor environment.

Outdoor gas lighting undoubtedly provides an ornamental value to the entire surroundings, - apart from being a practical necessity. Outdoor gas lighting is also needed from a security angle to make your home safer. Besides, it is also your responsibility to ensure your guests do not grope in darkness and also not stumble while walking around during party time.

Outdoor gas lighting are available in different exquisite styles and can be installed on the driveway or walkway, on the patio, the porch, lawns and on special areas like the swimming pool, gazebo, koi ponds, outdoor kitchens and such other places. They can be either wall-mounted or can be made to hang from ceilings. You can also opt for stand alone posts.

If you want your outdoor gas lighting to look strikingly different,you can install antique outdoor gas lighting. These lighting fixtures are sturdy and proven to withstand severe outdoor weather conditions, while still looking attractive.  Outdoor gas lights are also available in a wide range of prices to suit almost any budget that you may have.

In fact, outdoor gas lighting fixtures come in different sizes,designs and models and you can easily pick the ones that will blend with the style or theme that you want to create for your outside space. You can select the traditional types or go in for a contemporary style. Some people even prefer Zen style to provide a serene and eerie atmosphere.

Though hundreds of outdoor gas lighting fixtures are sold both in hardware shops as well as online, you still have the option to order custom made outdoor gas lighting designed after your unique specifications.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Enjoy taking your kitchen outside

Outdoor kitchens need not necessarily be construed as a luxury home addition – for it has become commonplace in regions where the weather allows it. In fact, there are today many companies promoting imaginatively designed outdoor kitchen plans.

In places where the weather is sunny and hot most of the time, people do not wish to cook in in-house kitchens and feel that outdoor kitchens are more convenient and better suit their lifestyle.

Home owners who already have a spacious patio or deck will find it easier to develop an outdoor kitchen as the basic infrastructure will already be in place. Even assuming there is no patio or deck, it need not be a serious handicap as designing own outdoor kitchen from scratch can offer you greater freedom.

It will be good idea to locate your outdoor kitchen as close to the main house as possible as that would make running your utility lines electricity, water, gas, and maybe even a phone line – easier. Again, the outdoor kitchens should stand apart from the main house lest you psychologically feel that you are still inside your home.

Please make sure that the area you select to locate your outdoor kitchen is adequately spacious to incorporate all the required amenities as well as occasionally entertain some select guests inside. Again, when selecting the location, make sure there is a fair degree of privacy and you outdoor kitchen is not exposed to your neighbor’ gaze.

The primary fun of having an outdoor kitchen is to enjoy the outdoors - so take into consideration the existing wind conditions and also avoid the direct impact of the sun’s rays. It is imperative that the counter tops, kitchen cabinets and lighting and other fixtures are waterproof. For instance, if you install a refrigerator, make sure that it is protected from rain and wind.

Monday, 8 August 2011

How to design Outdoor Kitchens with minimum cost

Having an outdoor kitchen is one of the dreams everybody invariably shares. It is fun to hang around at your backyard and have a party. It is very relaxing and soothing. Most people when they decide to buy a home prefer to buy a home within their budget constraints, but they see to that that they have a decent garden or backyard facilities when they buy independent homes. Having a outdoor kitchen, cooking hot dogs and burgers, sitting and chilling with a beer, watching your favorite sports channel or even catching a great movie and having fun with close ones is the best way to spend your holiday especially when it is a hot summer day.

And everybody invariably has budget constraints when it comes to buying their dream home as well as designing their outdoor kitchens. There are certain tips which might help you save some money when it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen. You can still enjoy the convenience and fun of an outdoor kitchen and save some cash at the same point of time. The cost saving measures without having to burst your budget much is as follows.

Propane Stoves:

It is not necessary to run gas lines to your backyard to feed your stove anymore. It is an expensive process. You can get the same job done with the help of propane gas and save much money from your budget. So if you have budget constraints, consider using propane to fuel your outdoor kitchen grill. They serve the purpose pretty well and considered to be one among the best techniques to save money.

Quality Grill:

Buying a quality grill is always expensive. But then again, it is worth every penny. It lasts longer and serves you better when compared to other cheaper grills. Whatever money you save out of designing your kitchen can be used as an investment for the perfect quality grill. Besides, saving your money from buying cheap gas grills is never a feasible solution. You end up spending more upon its maintenance and repair costs over the years. Thus, you actually end up spending more than what you might spend for quality ones. Buy a grill that is made from 304 grade stainless steel.

Under-Counter Water Heater:

Having a sink in your backyard kitchen is a fabulous addition. However, the cost of plumbing and other facts to run your sink is quite expensive and problematic. This in fact is the most expensive attribute when it comes to designing a kitchen. Under counter water heater serves the purpose in the best possible way. It reduces the cost invested significantly. You can access hot water to wash your dishes without the need for plumbing and other infrastructural issues.

Plan Ahead:

This fact really helps when you have budget constraints and you cannot buy accessory for your kitchen at the same time. Planning ahead gives you an insight and helps you better to save much money.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Top 5 Tips for creating best outdoor kitchens

When it comes to relaxing with the close ones of your family nothing compares to spending the summer day at your backyard and having a picnic with hot barbeque and burgers with beer. If you have a beach side house, it adds on to the pleasure of soaking under the sun with the beach in front of your eyes and you can afford to take a dip into the seas and enjoy your picnic. And if there is a football game or a cricket game being telecasted, it is like the icing at the top of a cake.

Some people love to cook and enjoy their picnic. And you ought to create your own outdoor kitchen for that based on your likes. I shall give you 5 tips regarding how to go ahead with the job.


    Everyone has a dream outdoor kitchens and prior to creating that you should have a clear idea of what you need in your kitchen. Let’s say you need to develop its blueprint. The blueprint gives you an idea regarding where is a better spacious spot for you to lay your kitchen. It should be the best spot as certain equipments requires electricity and you should be able to have a generator or an electric supply unit pretty close to the kitchen station. At this juncture, you also ought to decide upon what equipments and how many of them would you require to run the station.

Architectural Concept:

    Decide what kind of outdoor kitchen you want. You can choose between classic, modern, economical, basic and high end models. It should depict what kind of style you want to portray through your kitchen. It can be French model, Thai model, European model etc. Mostly the style you choose should be in harmony of the theme of your home.


    This factor is very significant. It helps you to run your kitchen efficiently and effectively. The kitchen should be safeguarded from all climatic conditions and shouldn’t wear off over ages. The equipments used should be durable. That is, the kitchen equipments shouldn’t wither with the different climatic conditions and it should stay strong.


    A neat kitchen is always well organized and for the perfect organization, you need to create partitions like rooms and at the same time it should be spacious enough. This also allows you to carry out your cooking and cleaning tasks much easier.

Safety Features:

    It is very important to have a safe kitchen. These features protect your kitchen, equipments as well as your family from dangers of calamities. Every item used should be safely fastened, locked and protected. Fire alarms, burglar alarms etc should be installed.
 Source : Outdoor Kitchens

Friday, 5 August 2011

Making your outdoor garden a wonderful place

When we talk about making one’s outdoor garden a wonderful place, we aren’t just talking about gardening. Gardening is just an exterior beauty to your garden. This you certainly ought to do in order to live in a lively home both inside and outside. However, when it comes to creating the perfect garden, it is not just about its decoration. It is also about its functionality and how it serves its purpose helping you to lead a happy peaceful life. Not only creating such a wonderful garden is significant, it is also important that you take good care and maintain it well. This only increases the value of your home from selling point of view.

This article gives you an insight as well as tips to make it seem a heavenly place once the task of decoration is done. For starters let us begin with the appearance of your garden. Having short grass is always classy and sexy. So probably it is necessary that you lay the foundations and cut the grass evenly all along.

Then planting some flowers along the corridors defining its boundaries, laying a pathway of stones to allow people to traverse along the garden without stamping the garden, stone benches for resting, a fountain if you can afford one, and last but not the least having a outdoor kitchen. You can also choose to plant an apple or orange tree to add color to your garden. But before you go ahead with any of the above mentioned planes, you need to understand the space available for your garden and decorate it accordingly. As usual planning is pretty crucial nonetheless.

The functionality of your outdoor garden depends upon how well you use it. Is it just a place along with your home or is it a place where you are going to spend your leisure times for relaxing and have parties? For the latter involves heavy overhead, it requires immense planning. You need an outdoor kitchen and kitchen equipments, a fire place to crash when it is a cold day, generators and fuel for the functionality of the kitchen, ice chests for storing cool beverages etc. As far as kitchen and its equipments you can find the necessary items at

They have enabled several million people to realize their outdoor kitchens and equipments. The most important component of one’s kitchen is its grills. You need to figure out whether gas grills is more suited or BBQ grills is more suited based on your needs.

Both have its own pros and cons. ultimately you need to lay a feasible outline for the functionality of the kitchen and at the same time save some money. Thus based upon the difficulty of creating the outline and supply, you can choose between the two grills. Also the taste of the food varies based upon which grill is used for cooking it.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Outdoor Kitchen Coolers for Luxury Kitchens

It is a fact that outdoor kitchen is becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects as more and more people want to expand their living space to include their back yards and patios. An outdoor kitchens can be a great option as it can serve as a common gathering place particularly during summer months. An outdoor kitchen must obviously include accessories such as coolers and refrigerators that will keep your beverages cold.

An ideal outdoor kitchen should have a good work surface, an adequately commodious cabinet, a small sink, an elegant countertop and an under the counter refrigerator - all compact and not taking up too much space. You should first make a sketch of your outdoor kitchen on paper indicating where you want to place the cooking appliances, the kitchen cabinet, the sink and of course the coolers and/ or a refrigerator.

When you decide to install a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, you must bear in mind two basic factors. For one thing, you will have to plan for the electrical supply to the refrigerator. Providing an electrical outlet is rather simple and any electrician will be able to do this job.

The more important issue to be considered is how you intend using the refrigerator. If it is meant to be used outdoors, then the question is how to protect it from the vagaries of the weather. Of course, there are refrigerators available in the market specially designed to be used outdoors. If you find a refrigerator too costly, then there are a variety of coolers that you can consider as an alternative.

These coolers have an elegant look and they will keep items cold for a week, and interestingly, they can also double as a floating or rolling bar. In fact you have a wide option when it comes to outdoor refrigeration and that includes refrigerators, freezers, coolers, beer dispensers, ice makers etc. The only thing is you will have to spend time doing some research before finally deciding what best fits into your taste, requirement and budget.