Monday, 31 October 2011

Rustic Outdoor Double Trash or Recycling Bin

It matches our wooden ice chests & bar and YOU get to pick the adornments! That's right, you choose whatever you want to add to the face and/or top. We'll attach them and you'll have a custom-made rustic outdoor trash/reclycling bin to match your ice chest and bar for the coolest parties! (Just specify in the comments section of your order which items go where.)

These rustic wooden trash/recycling bins are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered wood. As a result there are no two exactly alike. This unit even icludes a custom-fit plastic liner that is easy to add a trash bag to gas lights!

The "barn-wood" style add that rustic old charm feel to any outdoor gathering. No need to worry about the wood fading IT ALREADY IS! The materials are what is commonly called "barn wood" and are in fact very old materials but still very useful and strong. I guess you could say we're sort of recycling this stuff! How approprite that is can be used as a recycling bin too!

You may change the adornments if you don't like the ones we have included. Choose from the available adornments below and add them to your order and in the comments section, just specify where you would like them added.

Approximate dimensions are (remember these are hand-built so it will vary a little from piece to piece) are 35" Wide, 14" Deep and 24" High.

Go ahead and get one, you'll be glad you did and your neighbors will be jealous!

Source: Gas Grills, Gas Lights


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