Thursday, 25 August 2011

Outdoor kitchen design hot new Trend

One of the hottest new trends in outdoor kitchen design and remodeling in General to the fact that out of the kitchen and outdoor entertainment center. General lifestyle and entertaining habits across the u.s. are beginning to see some interesting changes. More and more people began to entertain more at home than go.

Whether this is based on the economy, rising gas prices, or the age of the majority of individuals in the population structure of the randomness of the ' Delete ', but it is clear that the trend of outdoor kitchens are really hot right now and actually really great return on investment.

According to the complexity and functionality of your kitchen designs, you can actually make money in the kitchen in the open air, 200% or more of the initial cost in some cases.

Currently the national average return on investment for small kitchen remodel of approximately 81%, and even less for hosting the main kitchen's coming only 70%, but outdoor kitchens are between 130-200% if it is done right.

So what does the right? What are the main components required to provide a really great outdoor kitchen?

Today 's outdoor kitchen is far more complex than simple charcoal grill and patio furniture, outdoor kitchen, today often incorporate bar and lounge/dining look and feel.
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Just because the kitchen is outside doesn't ' t mean you throw out the traditional design principles %u2026 the same design principles still apply, and the feature is still one of the most important considerations. One of the most functional working designs are kitchen work triangle.

The kitchen work triangle kitchen sink tip one of the triangle, and the status koktob or range in another tip of the triangle Centre in another refrigerator tip of the triangle. It may be impossible or impractical to achieve this in an atmosphere outdoors, depending on the status of coordination and extension of existing structures, but are planning for whatever you decide to go with there are always ways to make career.

If you have long straight, L-shape or form u consider posting workstations in a progression. For example, the first place of the receiver, the further training, cooking area adjacent to it. It is important to enough counter space/for the preparation and servicing.

Is another important aspect of the kitchen and is the ideal focal point for a great view, rests against a fireplace or a pool but do not have, such as you can do any of these properties if the focus point from your site, create and design planning.

Create a beautiful space lounging incorporating is important too so many chairs areas anywhere you can is a big plus.

Easy access to the interior is a key consideration, from articles you have more to come and go back to the kitchen under roof.

Should some features that include outdoor kitchens would be of course Grill wekoktob, there are many options ranging from gas and charcoal grills wood burning oven.

Then, of course, outdoor kitchen would not be complete without the sink and fridge, but you can also consider a refrigerator of the wine and if you want to get all the amenities you can then also include a dishwasher too %u2026 just make sure that they are all made to nature.

Some outdoor kitchens are even waterproof flat screen TVs and audio systems.

Outdoor kitchens, not just the spot for family and friends to gather and enjoy good food and good company %u2026 it 's also very smart investment in the value of your home.

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