Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Enjoy taking your kitchen outside

Outdoor kitchens need not necessarily be construed as a luxury home addition – for it has become commonplace in regions where the weather allows it. In fact, there are today many companies promoting imaginatively designed outdoor kitchen plans.

In places where the weather is sunny and hot most of the time, people do not wish to cook in in-house kitchens and feel that outdoor kitchens are more convenient and better suit their lifestyle.

Home owners who already have a spacious patio or deck will find it easier to develop an outdoor kitchen as the basic infrastructure will already be in place. Even assuming there is no patio or deck, it need not be a serious handicap as designing own outdoor kitchen from scratch can offer you greater freedom.

It will be good idea to locate your outdoor kitchen as close to the main house as possible as that would make running your utility lines electricity, water, gas, and maybe even a phone line – easier. Again, the outdoor kitchens should stand apart from the main house lest you psychologically feel that you are still inside your home.

Please make sure that the area you select to locate your outdoor kitchen is adequately spacious to incorporate all the required amenities as well as occasionally entertain some select guests inside. Again, when selecting the location, make sure there is a fair degree of privacy and you outdoor kitchen is not exposed to your neighbor’ gaze.

The primary fun of having an outdoor kitchen is to enjoy the outdoors - so take into consideration the existing wind conditions and also avoid the direct impact of the sun’s rays. It is imperative that the counter tops, kitchen cabinets and lighting and other fixtures are waterproof. For instance, if you install a refrigerator, make sure that it is protected from rain and wind.


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