Friday, 15 February 2013

Reinforced Concrete Summer Kitchen Midnight Copper Granite Counter

Each Fire magic Gas Barbecue includes the most even heat distribution through cast stainless steel burners. The placement of the burners along with the portholes allows for ease of use and nearly eliminates hot spots and uneven cooking temperatures at the grilling surface. These cast stainless burners are 4 1/2 times thicker than any additional stainless steel burner.

                               summer kitchen

This cooking evenness is more achieved with the exclusive flavor grid which is a uniquely angled, perforated 16 gauge all stainless steel grid that allows the heat to exceed through while radiating the burners heat right through and across the cooking surface, practically eliminating hot spots. The flavor grid also allows the vaporizing of cooking juices and grease as the drippings hit it. When they vaporize, smoke is generated and you receive the flavor-enhancing smoke that makes cooking outdoors so great! Fire magic grills also feature heavy-duty specially-textured cooking grids that are made of thick 5/16" rod.


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The first thing you should get for your kitchen is a best airfryer possible! It will help you a lot!

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