Monday, 11 February 2013

GL200 Aluminum Gas Light Head Post Mount

                                            aluminum gas light

When most people think of a gaslight, they think of one of these more traditional models which were so pervasive in the 60's and 70's all across America. Still found in hundreds of thousands of yards, we offer the entire original line in both traditional black and in white finishes. All of these models are shown in dual and triple mantle configurations but are also available with open flickering flames as well as electrified options.

The GL200 is our most popular light! This model fits an in ground post mount like the P99. The measurements are 22" tall and 11" wide. The frame is made of cast aluminum for years of use. Solid brass AGA approved control valve that offers infinite adjustments to minimize the amount of gas consumed versus light output. Available with standard dual mantle inverted burner, triple inverted, single upright or open flame choices. Also available for natural gas or Outdoor gas lamp. Tempered safety glass and two SM2 soft mantles and gold eagle are also included. Available in black or white. If no options are chosen, your light will be shipped in black, as natural gas and with a dual inverted mantle, all as shown.


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