Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Firemagic Legacy Built-In Charcoal Grill (24" X 18") With Oven Hood

charcoal grill
This built in stainless steel grill offers true 24” crossways the cooking surface, not the FRAME of the grill like others gauge. The total cooking area is just about 432 sq. inches. The built in grills for also has a high arena lid to accommodate larger pieces of meat.

Front loading door makes it easy to add more charcoal while the unit is in process. That means you don't have to eliminate the cooking grids and the white meat to add extra fuel to the fire!

Each Fire magic Charcoal Barbecue includes simple temperature organize by accurately turning the front-mounted crank to move up and lower the fire.

Fire magic Charcoal post natural gas grill also feature heavy-duty specially-textured cooking grids that are made of broad 5/16" rod. These grids will last a life span and are just right for cooking numerous types of food. The textured come to an end also helps food resist sticking to them.


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