Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tall Pyramid Quartz Tube Heater-Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Heater
Expand your outdoor living period with attractive, competent built in stainless steel grill gas heaters. Get the chill out of the air and enjoy amusing outside with friends and relations well into the fall months. built in grills for with 304 stainless steel and enthusiastic with propane gas, this heater generates 40,000 btu's of heat.

  1. Better heat output in a rocky package
  2. Whether used in marketable or residential applications,
  3. Wheels mounted to the base of most of the LP heaters for easiness of association
  4. Heavy duty manage valve with protection shut-off system
  5. Easy and tough ignition system
  6. Test fired at the plant for added protection

  1. 304 Heavy Duty Double Insulated Stainless Steel Emitter Screen
  2. New security Mechanical Tilt Switch
  3. Top Quality Thermocouple
  4. Electronic ignition


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