Sunday, 4 December 2011

NEW-Legacy 20 Electric, Stainless Steel, Cook Number Electric Grill

built in stainless grill
The “Condo” Cook Number™ Grill

There are over 24 million people with balconies. In conclusion, they can grill.

If you are one of the millions whose buildings do not permit open flames, or if you love to built in stainless steel grill, then the Condo Cook Number Grill is right for you. It is only the nearly all powerful electric grill on the market that you can plug into a standard household outlet (110V). As well as it is the only electric grill with patented Cook Number expertise. You conclude the doneness that you would like by setting the opposite Cook Number. Your grill does the rest.

Ten exactitude square fire rings settings tell you when your food is cooked closely the way you want it!

The first Grill purposely designed for balconies and any place open flames are not permissible.

Just 20.5” x 18” x 9.5” and 36lbs

The only built in grills for electric that cooks food the way you like it without thinking with the use of a temperature investigate.

Reaches a searing 500 F. in less that 5 minutes.

Rustproof, frivolous, made of restaurant-quality 18-guage stainless steel.


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