Saturday, 19 November 2011

AOG Brand, Ready Made 5' Stacked Stone Summer Kitchen (Incl. All Equipment Shown)

built in stainless grill
All AOG built in stainless grill are pretending exact here in the good 'ol U.S.A. a number of features are select to the 24" model, like: 24 x 18 primary cooking exterior with 432 square surface inches to cook a lot of food at one time! Advantage it has a commanding 32,000 BTU's of cooking power AND a 10,000 BTU backburner. Include the whole thing in picture....COMPLETE!! The element island, the AOG 24" grill (and installation adapter) with or devoid of rear rotiss burner, the Fire magic single side burner and Aurora stainless access door. Price includes the Fire magic Island Adapter Kit. Now prefer on top of whether you have a preference the rear rotiss burner or not and the type of gas you will use.

Additional features that are incorporated in this model are:


The AOG built in stainless steel grill Infrared Backburner System is constructing of INCONEL™ stainless steel to be supplementary tough and makes this burner system heat opposed to, corrosion resistant, simple to use and painless to clean.


AOG Gas light Houston burners are made of 18-SR Stainless Steel (an alloy made with titanium and chromium). This mixture provides greater power, and greater confrontation to oxidation and thermal effect. The added structural honesty of 18-SR income that the AOG's high temperatures are no threat to burner life or presentation. These 16,000 BTU burners will stand up to acidic circumstances such as those found close to sea water. They are certain to last at least 15 years


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