Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Firemagic Legacy Built-In Charcoal Grill (30" X 18") With Oven Hood

This grill offers a true 30" across the cooking surface, not the FRAME of the grill like others measure. The total cooking area is approximately 540 sq. inches. The grill also has a high dome lid to accomodate larger pieces of meat.

Front loading door makes it easy to add more charcoal while the unit is in operation. That means you don't have to remove the cooking grids and the meat to add more fuel to the fire!

Every Firemagic Charcoal Barbecue includes easy temperature control by literally turning the front-mounted crank to raise and lower the fire and the gas lights.

Firemagic Charcoal grills also feature heavy-duty specially-textured cooking grids that are made of thick 5/16" rod. These grids will last a lifetime and are perfect for cooking many types of food. The textured finish also helps food resist sticking to them.

These charcoal units allow you to match up Firemagic gas unit accessories for your complete outdoor kitchen or cooking package. All offered by a company that has been building outdoor barbecues for almost 50 years! You know they will be here tomorrow.

All Firemagic grills are high BTU and should only be used in Non-combustible cabinets. The cut out dimensions for the Gourmet 30" charcoal grill are 32 1/4"W, 19 3/4"D and 12"H. Should your cabinet be constructed from wood or any other combustible material, please see the available insulating liner that should be purchased for your application. Please note that the cut out dimensions will be different.

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Gary said...

I've been looking into Firemagic grills, so I appreciate the info. What brand or line would you recommend? Also, are these only available as a charcoal, or do they sell gas grills as well?

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