Monday, 7 November 2011

Danby Silhouette Select Built-in 3 in 1 Party Center

Instead of using those unsightly plastic coolers, why not impress your guess and keep the drinks flowing by with the Danby DPC6012BLS Beverage Center? It has a 4.65 cubic feet capacity and 4 stainless steel trimmed tempered glass shelves that enable you to store up to 60-canned drinks and 12-bottle wine cooler for maximum utility. Store you canned soda drinks or even your most precious wines. This beverage center also comes with a built-in ice maker so you don't have to put an effort trying to get ice from those ice trays. Keep your wine bottles at their pristine condition as this beverage center is guaranteed frost-free. It is also equipped with two digital LED thermostats so you can accurately set and monitor the temperature for your stored beverages. The Danby DPC6012BLS Beverage Center is a functional and stylish addition to your kitchen with its modern design and sleek stainless-steel finish.

Key Features:

# 4.65 cubic ft capacity

# 4 stainless steel trimmed tempered glass shelves

# LED display

#Interior light

#Electronic thermostat

#Dual door

#Integrated ice-maker

Key Benefits:

A stylish yet functional addition to any commercial or home kitchen Has large capacity perfect for storing canned or bottled beverages Has two electronic thermostat for easy configuration and maintenance of ideal temperature for the beverages has bright interior lights to let you see clearly your stored beverages

The high-performance and sleek Danby DPC6012BLS Beverage Center is a definite must-have as it provides with ample storage space for your beverages. It has innovative features like sturdy stainless steel shelves, an ice maker, and two electronic thermostats that come with LED displays so you can accurate set the ideal temperature to your beverages cool and fresh. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the Danby DPC6012BLS Beverage Center today!

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