Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Great White 250 Quart Cooler by Igloo

outdoor kitchen cooler

This is like a Outdoor Kitchen Coolers on steroids! Tons of facial appearance like extra-large drain plugs for quick, easy demanding, UV Inhibitors to fight off the unenthusiastic effects of the sun, an further lid gasket and over 2 1/2" of wadding to keep belongings cold for a LONG time, fish gauge monarch on top and stainless steel hardware to last exterior for a long instance!

This obsession is HUGE! 58" Long X 25 1/2" Deep X 26 1/2" High. THAT will hold a lot of fish, animal protein, and beverages, anything you wish for!

If it's a diminutive "too big" confirm out the ATC165. Smaller unit with wheels! Actually cool.

Other features comprise:

*Holds 349 cans

*Overall capacity is 250 It's

*Handles are molded into the body for strength

*Drain plug is threaded for connections

*Strong, reinforced bottom

*Holds 2 liter bottles upright


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