Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hand-Made, Weathered Wood Outdoor Bench/Storage Container W/Decorative State of Texas Adornment

NOTE: For local pick-up, you may remove $80 from your price, for oversize shipping costs.

This is a terrific bench and storage chest for indoor or outdoor use, available in either 40" bench (40"W x22"D x21"H) or 52" bench (52"W x22"D x21"H) widths. The model shown is the 52" and has thr State of Texas outline. The adornment can be rust (as shown) or black. Please choose the size (42" wide or 52" wide) and the adornment color (Rust or Black).

INDOOR USES: Used indoors, you can keep it by the back door for muddy boots and shoes. This is a great bench to sit on while changing shoes, storing coats and hats, backpacks or all those other things that get dropped at the backdoor.

OUTDOOR USES: The bench may also be used outdoors for storing firewood, smoker wood, cooking tools or charcoal right next to the smoker or BBQ pit. (not waterproof, but, a tub liner placed inside works great!). Also works great on the outside deck as a bench to sit on. It is also just the right height (21") to be used as a table. You can use it to store pool toys and accessories. They really blend well when used in conjunction with our other White Stone Country Ice Chest Cooler, Bar or Trash Can.

THESE ARE ONE-OF-A-KIND BENCHES: Each bench is hand made right here in Texas. There are no two alike. We can even brand someone's name or initials in them for you.

ARE THEY "GREEN"?  The most common question folks ask us is, "yeah-but how will it weather?"  Well, considering we are using aged, weather-exposed wood that has already been outside for years, it will not change a whole lot from what you see right now. This is used, old wood and that is why there are no two alike. By reusing this wood instead of putting it in the landfills, we are recycling it and giving it another life, you could say.

WHAT WILL MY NEIGHBORS THINK? They will be jealous and so will your friends, so be sure to bookmark our site because after they all see these, you'll be telling them where you got 'em........or maybe you won't.

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