Monday, 19 September 2011

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Originally known as the "Redi Smoke" this is the latest addition to a company that is 75 years old! For true smoked flavor with the modern-day convenience of electricity, this is your unit. Just load up the pan with water, some wood chips, plug it in and forget it! It has a heating element, like an electric oven so the temperature is constant. On top of the heating element is a chip tray where you may put some wood chips for smoke flavor. There is a flat lid so juices drip back into the meat. Also-the top fits tightly which reduces the escape of heat and the smoke flavor. Overall, there is a variable heat thermometer providing a wide variety of cookng times and meats that can be prepared easily. The key here is convenience and true "set it and forget it" simplicity.

Source: Gas Grills


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