Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The history of the gas light

The need to add lighting at night and in dark places has been with us throughout the history of mankind. In fact, the first thing that God created was light. As we have solved this problem has changed throughout history. A solution that led light for centuries is the use of gas torches or gas lights. This method has become a trend in outdoor lighting and is increasingly popular.

Different fuels in primary history were used to create light. Olive oil, beeswax Sesame oil Nippon oil and fish farming some of these first person is Dr. Steven Hales 1726 results document the combustible fuel from coal. His discovery was ahead of time, as practices do not require 1790 William Murdoch worked for Birmingham, England in 1798 SOHO-Foundrey he started the foundry building with coal gas light later in 1802, he must be illuminated on the outside of the building are surprised of people. The benefits of outdoor lighting of people have seen.

Coke oven gas lights was the original fuel for gas lighting through the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. At the end of the 19th century, natural gas began to replace coke oven gas for the first time in America, but is distributed throughout the world.

Source:  Gas Lights


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