Monday, 5 September 2011

Some easy tips to keep your gas grills

Whenever you use your gas grills for cooking, turn the burners on high heat for a few minutes until all the smoke is out. Then use a brush of brass grid to clear food leftovers. A solution of warm water and dish SOAP should be used routinely to clear the shelves of their heating gas grids.

Scrubbing with wool pads will help to remove the prisoner's food residue. After this, make sure you rinse it well with lukewarm water. Grease and smoke residue can be removed by using the same solution of water and SOAP. Difficult stains use steel pads very carefully to avoid any scratches. But if you have a gas oven with stainless steel finish, then avoid using steel wool pads. Many Gas Grills come with lava stone briquette.

If you have one then just flip to remove any kind of kitchen. These briquettes require replacing on a regular basis, as over time, they tend to go out and get crumbled into powder. Don't forget to clear at the bottom of the gas Grill field. Make sure you take the briquettes and grid.

Source: Outdoor Kitchens


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