Monday, 19 September 2011

Rustic Bar Stools

We’re proud to present the latest new outdoor (or indoor) item from the folks at White Stone. Each one of these stools is hand-made right here in Texas! The wood is all recycled “barn wood” so it is already weathered then sanded down to a smooth finish THEN triple-coated to last for years outside in the harshest of weather. The frames are all hand-welded, heavy-gauge steel that are painted black with two coats of paint so they withstand the elements.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to leave them outside. These rustic stools compliment just about any decor. They will compliment any setting, inside or out.

 You have a choice of two finishes and two heights. The taller 30” stools  work  well with outdoor kitchens and bars.  Look at our White Stone bars below to see what we mean. The 26” stools work well with patio tables, bar tables,  next  to a pool table, etc.  These heights refer to the location of the seat. The overall height is 19” taller  than the seat height for each.

The finishes are simple-light stained wood with a polymer finish or dark-to compliment almost any setting.

 For the White Stone bars below, we recommend 4 stools for a comfortable setting,  without being too crowded. These stools are also excellent around outdoor kitchens.  In most cases, the taller (30”) stool works best for those applications.

 This is an exclusive on-line product made by White Stone.

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